MICLEDI Microdisplays Demonstrates Brightest Green, Blue, and Red microLED Arrays at Display Week

Best-in-Class microLEDs for Ultra-Compact Displays Demonstrate Outstanding Optical Performance with Minimal Crosstalk and Outcoupling

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Next week at Display Week 2023, MICLEDI Microdisplays, a leading technology company in the field of microLED (µLED) displays for high def, ultra-compact displays, will be on hand to demonstrate its portfolio of R, G and B µLEDs. These demonstrations will highlight excellent color performance in each color point across the full range of drive currents. MICLEDI microLEDs are designed for a variety of AR display appliances that demand ultra-compact display modules.

MICLEDI is recognized for developing the industry’s first microLED arrays-for-augmented reality built on a 300mm CMOS manufacturing platform. This platform provides compact, power-efficient devices that address the needs of future ultra-compact displays in terms of display size, resolution, brightness, image quality, power consumption, and cost. MICLEDI’s strategy is to enable the optimum ultra-compact display by making the best individual color-performing µLEDs, which when coupled with the company’s proprietary micro-lenses can be integrated into the highest performing full-color 3-panel µLED display module.

“As there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for ultra-compact displays, different applications (true consumer, industrial, enterprise, medical, automotive and others) require different optimal performance parameters – and we are committed to serving customers developing AR glasses from medium to high resolution and medium to high brightness,” explained Dr. Soeren Steudel, CTO of MICLEDI.

Taking place from May 21-26 in Los Angeles, California and hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID), Display Week provides a global forum for the most current developments and advancements in high-tech display technology. At the show, MICLEDI’s CTO, Dr. Soeren Steudel, will deliver a presentation titled, “MicroLED Display on 300mm CMOS Platform – Crosstalk and Optical Outcoupling.” Steudel will present during Session 4 (MicroLED for AR/VR/MR I) on Tuesday, May 23, from 11:50 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. in room 408A of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The exhibition will take place from Tuesday, May 23 through Thursday, May 25. Demonstrations will be given in MICLEDI’s booth #1245 and will feature blue, green and red microLED arrays with excellent color and brilliance/luminance. By optimizing the chemistry and physics of each individual color, MICLEDI enables the highest brightness of any of the alternative solutions in the market today.

Display highlights include:

  • Two versions of MICLEDI’s blue and green µLED arrays: passive matrix LED test device and passive matrix LED display test device with pixel density of 9,150 ppi with and without microlenses will be shown
  • Two versions of MICLEDI’s red µLED arrays (red GAN and red AlInGaP) will be on display
  • 300mm microLED production wafers
  • Blue µLED display device driving a large visible image (480 x 320) with a projector

Private meetings can be arranged by contacting Harold Blomquist, MICLEDI’s VP of Business Development, at harold.blomquist@micledi.com. For more information, please visit www.micledi.com.

About MICLEDI Microdisplays
MICLEDI Microdisplays is a fabless developer of microLED display modules for a broad range of market applications requiring ultra-compact displays. The company was spun-out from IMEC, a highly respected Belgian R&D center, in 2019. MICLEDI’s technology is based on an innovative combination of III/V materials processing, 3D integration and 300mm silicon-based processing combined with a proprietary ASIC to provide a self-contained, compact monolithic AR display with high image quality and power efficiency. For more information, visit www.micledi.com.

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