Our Story

MICLEDI was spun out of IMEC in 2019 after many Tier 1 OEMs working on applications for Augmented Reality (AR) displays approached IMEC with demand for mass production of microLEDs with surprisingly similar performance specifications. Building on the unique and highly advanced microLED technology developed in partnership with IMEC, and now made available to the market solely through MICLEDI Microdisplays, microLED display modules can now meet the exacting standards of the most demanding AR applications.

Available today, MICLEDI offers samples of devices (blue and green arrays with and without microlenses) that have been made proving the effectiveness of the Company’s unique 300mm CMOS integration flow. Also available today are samples of red devices which have been made for the purpose of characterizing advanced materials developed in partnership with world-class developers of III-V materials.

Devices for integration flow development

Devices for material and passivation characterization

Beautiful and vibrant, MICLEDI’s blue, green, and two versions of red achieve superb performance and are supported by a technology development roadmap that will keep MICLEDI ahead of the market for years to come.

Blue Arrays

Green Arrays

RED GaN Arrays

RED AllnGaP Arrays

MICLEDI is well on its way with strategic interest from a variety of movers and shakers in the AR appliance markets. The Company’s microLED arrays perform so well they can be used for monochrome displays, for highest performing full RGB displays by integrating three arrays (RG&B) together, and for lower resolution / brightness RGB displays with quantum dot color conversion layers.