Applications & Solutions

Monochrome Displays

Monochrome displays, blue or green, with or without microlenses, are available today. Superior monochrome microLED display modules can be made using MICLEDI’s innovative approach. The device architecture is tuned for each color to get the maximum light extraction efficiency with optimized beamshape. MICLEDI’s three-panel approach produces outstanding monochrome panels and enables best full-color RGB when integrated together.

Single Monochrome microLED

Three-Panel RGB die-by-die

RGB pixel-by-pixel


Full Color Quantum Dot

Medium Performance Full Color RGB

With the fundamental performance of MICLEDI’s monochrome arrays it is only natural that customers looking for full color but with lower resolution and lower brightness turn to MICLEDI. Quantum Dots are an effective way to achieve full color for medium performance applications with Narrower FOV, indoor lighting, for viewfinders and HUD displays among other applications.

Full Color RGB – Display of the Future

With each color wafer producing microLED arrays of outstanding performance characteristics – red, green, and blue, MICLEDI has shown at recent technical conferences, the idea of full-color RGB by stacking individual color wafers using proven hybrid bonding to stack red, green, and blue into the smallest full-color RBG footprint. The future brings this exciting development.

Polychrome Stacked microLED

RGB pixel-by-pixel “stacked”